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CI1184-001 Air Jordan 4 Black Laser Comfirm to Release Next Week

janvier 14, 2019 @ 8:00 - 5:00

In 2019, Nike Air Jordan Sneakers also officially celebrated the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4. Presumably, in the whole year, it will be indispensable. Since it is an anniversary, natural new products must be more sincere. Although the female pink patent leather Air Jordan 4, which had been planted by everyone before, was not on the shelves in China, the black laser Air Jordan 4 Black Laser, which is full of laser patterns, is set to be coming next week, perhaps for the AJ4. The little friend brings a little comfort. The pattern is very similar to the silver Air Jordan 4 laser that was introduced in the early years. The black body is matched with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole. Under the sturdy appearance, the laser pattern spread over the upper, and many elements of Jordan are presented in a totem style. Exquisite and exquisite details. In everyday wear, black shoes are not only more resistant to dirt, but also wear almost even all-round. It is good to wear and not pick people. Even if you step on to work, it will not be too awkward!

This year, Nike teamed up with Jordan Brand and Converse to release the 2019 Chinese New Year CNY series. Nike Air Max 98 CNY Inspired by the Chinese folklore “Hundreds of Clothes”, Nike brings a visual feast, and the lineup of shoes is unprecedentedly luxurious! Following the Air Jordan 12’s debut, the highly playable double-layer upper design covers two Nike Air Max 98s of the Nike CNY series exclusive elements over the past 12 years.

This year, the Nike series has been officially released, and the wind « CNY » that debuted has given everyone a surprise, known as this year’s hidden Boss. But never expected, today there is a Nike Air Force 1 CNY exposure, it seems that this year’s hidden style is really quite a lot. Air Force 1 is an essential shoe in the annual CNY collection. This year’s color scheme does not incorporate the obvious zodiac elements, similar to Air Max 98, using a variety of advanced material stitching designs. A satin material embroidered with flowers is used at the toe, and the middle part resembles a colorful pattern of origami, and the heel is a red serpent patent leather. The Swoosh Logo is presented in yellow, and the edge stitching looks like the OFF-WHITE co-branded style.


Date :
janvier 14, 2019
Heure :
8:00 - 5:00
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