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Do you like the Air Jordan 1 Northern Light?

février 20, 2019 @ 8:00 - 5:00

The combination of Nike Air max 97 and Swarovski’s dreams has made many sneaker players amazed. Recently, the concept artist Dan Life has also created a pair of gorgeous Air Jordan 1 Northern Light, which inevitably makes Xiaobian exclaimed! Based on the OG-shaped Air Jordan 1, the 15,000
hand-crafted crystals are set in the body of the shoe, giving off a fascinating purple-green glow at any angle. The eye-catching crystals and the simple color scheme are not enough to put the « Aurora Borealis » version of the Air Jordan 1 in the art gallery. It is worth mentioning that Dan Life has a special liking for Air Jordan 1, and previously re-interpreted OG color matching in crystal style.

With the return of retro style, not only the 2019 Mens Jordans shoes of various brands return to the sight of the sneaker players, but also the pursuit of many trending players with the ancient costumes. In the Paris Fashion Week last month, Nike also inspired the ancient costumes to introduce two new colors for the Blazer Mid. Both colors continue the Nike classic « What The » color scheme, and the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 VNTG is a combination of a variety of patterns, which is particularly eye-catching. In the color matching design, the two pairs of shoes are replaced with a large area of plaid shirt pattern at the shoe body, exaggerated color collision, creating a good recognition, while also adding leopard, small flower design, full of playfulness. The most noteworthy is the fluorescent green embellishment, whether it is the « industry text » inside the boot, the inside of the shoe, or the crepe leather on the heel, which highlights the control of the two color schemes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes has always had a special feeling, not only based on the joint cooperation with Air Jordan 13 last year, but also from his childhood worship of Micheal Jordan. In the video, personally broke the news, Air Jordan 6 is the first pair of flying boots in his life, what did he say? Click on the video below to get a quick glance. The upcoming Air Jordan 6 “Infrared” is the first pair of champions of the flying man Micheal Jordan. It is also the first pair of Jordan series basketball shoes by Edison Chen. The spirit of the flying man and the spirit of never giving up have been inspiring him to conquer. For many people, the Air Jordan series is not only a pair of shoes worn on the feet, but also a cultural heritage.


Date :
février 20, 2019
Heure :
8:00 - 5:00
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