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Here are people of the world

Here are people of the world

Hi people of the world !

This website is a project since almost 4 years. We start slowly with small parties, them we do a meetup group who is now the most important in Paris, after this step was the time to build many facebook communities in order to find some good guys and girls for partying but most of all for socialising !!! here we are : )
You are one of us because you are open minded and this idea is the beginning of the project. A place where everybody could speak with everyone about everything. This project have been create to gather a group of internationals then most of all help each one of us to exchange and find their community in a friendly atmosphere. It could be a community of language or a community of country where you are from or what ever we work on it now !
So first we do party because each one that participates brings her/his personal input for the benefit of all others.This is our idea, you are here in order to interact in the real life with some group of people. They will become your group, your community … So, we will continue with this website for anyone interested in socialising with groups, with people, with communities like International, expat, Au pairs, latinos and Erasmus people and also french people who love to speak another language with a native speaker or share activities. We think dating is dead, we do not trust internet for love or for making friends, we think the only way is a tool for socialising in order to meet new people according to your language, your country, your activities and your interest. Now it’s only a small beginning, we need more members, so  stay tuned and see you soon …what else ?


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  1. Yeaaaahhhhh !!!!

  2. just amazing. thank you so much !!!


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