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Organize and meet more people 😄

🇬🇧   🇺🇸.  🇮🇳   🇦🇺   🇿🇦   🇳🇬   🇿🇼.  🇬🇧    1️⃣ Click on the orange [help and organize] button.2️⃣ Join the meeting point on time and welcome everybody with some friendly word3️⃣ Please respect late comers.. It’s forbidden to change the meeting point. You can also create your own event but do not disturb this app eventThe app exist to help organiser and internationals for socializing in a friendly atmosphere.So do not forget the advantages with the Socializus app:It’s free and it’s a non profit project. Thank you for your understand...

Pubsurfing Latino: una experiencia única en París

Este viernes y sábado ven al Pubsurfing Latino, un concepto de fiesta completamente innovador que se ubica definitivamente entre las mejores fiestas de París para encontrar nuevos amigos latinos. El Pubsurfing Latino es la única noche parisina donde puedes venir solo o acompañado. Tendrás la certeza de que vas a encontrar nuevos amigos latinos con los que harás la fiesta toda la noche. La idea es crear una pequeña tribu de fiesteros que recorran juntos las calles y los bares de París. Este concepto de fiesta no existe en otras ciudades. Se visitan 4 bares con 4 ambientes muy distintos y en cada parada tienes un shot. ¡Fantástico! Si de algo puedes estar completamente seguro es de que no te aburrirás. Sabemos q...

Bal Elysée..once upon a time

Once upon a time … Become prince and princess for a night !! Come to live a unique experience and a magical evening. Close to the presidential palace. The idea is simple !! Let’s go back in time to a traditional ball where everyone comes in their best outfit to share an unforgettable and unique moment We invite all of you for an amazing party with many surprise and fun. I hope it will be the time to celebrate our last party before the summer. Everyone know « L’Elysée » in France, it’s mean the house of the president 🙂 so let’s go in the Elysée lounge to celebrate all together an amazing party ^^ Limited place only for the first 200 people here !!! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄&...

Festival CIUP

On saturday, the 21th of may 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris. 400 participants expected for a HUGE PICNIC. Share food, languages and cultures from all over the world ! This year : We do our event with Ciup Festival

Here are people of the world

Hi people of the world ! This website is a project since almost 4 years. We start slowly with small parties, them we do a meetup group who is now the most important in Paris, after this step was the time to build many facebook communities in order to find some good guys and girls for partying but most of all for socialising !!! here we are : ) You are one of us because you are open minded and this idea is the beginning of the project. A place where everybody could speak with everyone about everything. This project have been create to gather a group of internationals then most of all help each one of us to exchange and find their community in a friendly atmosphere. It could be a community of language or a community of country where you are from or what ever we ...

Party with internationals

Come alone or with your friends, this is a great way for you to meet new people from all over the world in paris. There will be a ice breaker game to encourage the language exchange in a party atmosphere :) Don't hesitate to talk about anything with anyone you want :) That's the rule of the party : "socializing with internationals". The most sociables will be able to get a very cheap Jug of beer and play mexican beer pong.

Italian party with Pubsurfing

italiani a Parigi Un concetto di Party completamente nuovo nella Ville Laumiere, disponibile solo online con un ticket magico per una notte leggendaria nel quartiere a luci rosse, tutto quello che devi fare ė seguire l'ombrello arancione Pubsurfing. Il luogo segreto di ritrovo é sul ticket

Grand Gala international @L’­Elysée lounge PARIS

Everyone knows « L’Elysée » in France, it’s mean the house of the president 🙂 so let’s go in the Elysée lounge to celebrate all together an amazing FREE party ^^ only for the first 200 people here !!!It will be the venue where everybody become a night prince an princess … Don’t miss it, only once a year !!! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ★ THE VENUE ★ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Elysée lounge is famous place where famous actor and politician have a drink to speak about project … We’ll do this place private only for us !!!  Maybe it will b...

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