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Halloween, Christmas, etc.

International Halloween Champs Elysees

Look our scary party last year! It was amazing! We can't wait to organize Halloween 2016! We hope you can join us this year to do the most awesome party of Paris

Bal Elysée..once upon a time

Once upon a time … Become prince and princess for a night !! Come to live a unique experience and a magical evening. Close to the presidential palace. The idea is simple !! Let’s go back in time to a traditional ball where everyone comes in their best outfit to share an unforgettable and unique moment We invite all of you for an amazing party with many surprise and fun. I hope it will be the time to celebrate our last party before the summer. Everyone know « L’Elysée » in France, it’s mean the house of the president 🙂 so let’s go in the Elysée lounge to celebrate all together an amazing party ^^ Limited place only for the first 200 people here !!! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄&...

Festival CIUP

On saturday, the 21th of may 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris. 400 participants expected for a HUGE PICNIC. Share food, languages and cultures from all over the world ! This year : We do our event with Ciup Festival

Let’s be sportive with Socializus

We need sport and so just let do that 😉 The famous Bois de Boulogne with 2 lacs is a famous venue to enjoy an afternoon but we want to invite you for Here is some pics to let you see what’s about 😉 More info coming soon

Grand Gala international @L’­Elysée lounge PARIS

Everyone knows « L’Elysée » in France, it’s mean the house of the president 🙂 so let’s go in the Elysée lounge to celebrate all together an amazing FREE party ^^ only for the first 200 people here !!!It will be the venue where everybody become a night prince an princess … Don’t miss it, only once a year !!! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ★ THE VENUE ★ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Elysée lounge is famous place where famous actor and politician have a drink to speak about project … We’ll do this place private only for us !!!  Maybe it will b...

Fiesta colombiana con Socializus

Éste es un nuevo concepto de fiesta para conocer colombianos o gente nueva en Paris, mejorar tus idiomas y compartir las culturas de todo el mundo. Somos alrededor de 100 asistentes cada miércoles. Las chicas que compartan este evento en su muro de facebook, tendrán un mojito gratis* (*antes de las 8pm). Hispanoparlantes pueden pedir 40% de descuento si quieren cenar. Toda la noche hay bebidas menos caras para nosotros en la entrada 😉 Todo está planeado para que conozcas amigos internacionales y colombianos. ✅ Al llegar al bar, pide una insignia numerada con la bandera de tu lengua materna, español. Te ayuda a ver quién es colombiano o latino. ✅ Busca entre los participantes quién (es) tiene el mismo número que t&u...

Let’s go for a comedy show : « La Folle Histoire de France »

Are you ready for an amazing comedy show ? Do you want to learn more about french history ? here we are … let’s all join us for a comedy Show : « La Folle Histoire de France » From the playground to the court of the kings of France, immerse yourself in a scholarly and burlesque comedy that will make you want to re-open your history books! We are in the time of glue with Terrence, the pawn and Malik, pupil repeating for the 20th time its 5th. Today there are control and everyone is going to revise history: 1515 to 3.2 square root through Tsubasa and Ravaillac not forgetting Joan of Arc and the runner … You are lost ? Is that you also need a good review! Incredible, informative, and interactive history of France here do tell more, she lives! Did...

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