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Socializus :

Picnic : Saint louis Island in paris

Hello everyone Let’s gather for a nice picnic by the river, if you dont know anyone its ok you can come and meet people there 🙂 Everyone is welcome 😉 You can bring : Wine, cheese, bread, ham, sausages, salads, fruits, vegetables, crackers, sodas and everyone shares what they bring ! We always lack plastic glasses or plates so if you have some, bring them ! When you arrive don’t be shy just say hello and join the group. To be sure to find us, check out the map We will be on the east part of Saint Louis Island on the very tip of it.Metro : Sully – Morland line 7 Once you exit the metro station walk towards the river, cross the bridge (called Pont de Sully) to the island and you’ll see a little park on the left, Enter the little park and and there will ...

Conoce la comunidad de jóvenes latinos en París

La comunidad de Jóvenes Latinos en París sigue creciendo. ¡Conócela! Hace unos meses, tuvimos la oportunidad de asociar nuestros esfuerzos con la página de Jóvenes Latinos en París y desde entonces las buenas noticias no se han detenido. Cada miércoles, se unen a nuestro café de lenguas decenas de jóvenes latinos en París que buscan mantenerse en contacto con su comunidad y al mismo tiempo conocer a franceses y a gente de todo el mundo que quiere compartir su cultura a través de una buena charla. ¡El encuentro más grande entre franceses y jóvenes latinos en París! Lo que más nos entusiasma de este proyecto es la oportunidad de ayudar a los jóvenes latinos en Par&iacut...

Manger, partager et s’amuser en communauté : Le concept

Manger, partager et s’amuser en communauté C’est le nouveau concept de soirée pour tous les « socializus members » de Paris (#socializers) Un petit resto, c’est bien mais gratuit c’est mieux !! C’est le pari du site socializus pour se faire connaitre et qui est ouvert à tous ses membres. L’ objectif est de choisir son role ! ✅  Ambassadeur : tu viens avec un maximum d’amis ✅  Organisateur:  tu trouves un bon deal avec un restaurateur ✅  Participant :  tu t’éclates et tu rencontres de nouvelle tête. Bref, chacun peut venir seul ou avec ces amis pour partager un repas dans une atmosphere conviviale. N’...

Socializus help you to meet your community!

You will love to join our party to socialize. That's new in Paris. The rules: Everybody have to interact with people from all over the world and talk about everything in a open-minded atmosphere. Bring your friends everyone's welcome, you can come alone and meet people here.

Socializus connect people and make « families »

We’re going to tell a story, the story of Michelle. Michelle is a Latin girl who pushed by her love to Paris, she decided to come to study art. She did not speak French and did not know anyone. Her first month she lived in a « huge » room of 14 meters in the 13eme arrondisement. After a few weeks Michelle felt alone and thought returned to her country where she has friends and where everybody speak her language. But something stopped her, she knew that there was a Latino community in Paris and also « had to » be a passionate community of art like her, but …. where? She joined to several groups on Facebook but did not have many results because the members shared interesting information but they were unwilling to meet her, no time. And...

Picnic latino @Ile St Louis

¡Hola verano! Esta semana haremos un picnic al lado del río. Todo el mundo es bienvenido, pero estamos esperando mucha comunidad hispanoparlante: peruanos, mexicanos, chilenos, argentinos, españoles, todos están invitados. Sólo necesitas traer algo de comida y bebida para compartir con todos, unas papas o una soda fría bastarán para que puedas decirle hola a toda la comunidad internacional. La cita es el 15 de mayo, en la parte este de la Isla St Louis. El metro más cercano es Sully Morland de la línea 7. Una vez que salgas del metro, camina hacia el río, cruza el puente (llamado Pont de Sully) hacia la isla y verás la entrada a un parque. Entra al parque y busca las escaleras del lado derecho, baja  y camina ...

International Halloween Champs Elysees

Look our scary party last year! It was amazing! We can't wait to organize Halloween 2016! We hope you can join us this year to do the most awesome party of Paris

Bal Elysée..once upon a time

Once upon a time … Become prince and princess for a night !! Come to live a unique experience and a magical evening. Close to the presidential palace. The idea is simple !! Let’s go back in time to a traditional ball where everyone comes in their best outfit to share an unforgettable and unique moment We invite all of you for an amazing party with many surprise and fun. I hope it will be the time to celebrate our last party before the summer. Everyone know « L’Elysée » in France, it’s mean the house of the president 🙂 so let’s go in the Elysée lounge to celebrate all together an amazing party ^^ Limited place only for the first 200 people here !!! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄&...

Party with internationals

Come alone or with your friends, this is a great way for you to meet new people from all over the world in paris. There will be a ice breaker game to encourage the language exchange in a party atmosphere :) Don't hesitate to talk about anything with anyone you want :) That's the rule of the party : "socializing with internationals". The most sociables will be able to get a very cheap Jug of beer and play mexican beer pong.

The biggest international picnic

Hi dear socializers HERE is THE BIGGEST WELCOME PICNIC for all internationals. On saturday, the 17th of September 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris. 1000 participants expected for a HUGE PICNIC. The biggest international picnic in Paris is awesome success since 3 years We need you to do it amazing and bigger … please invite your friends in facebook too here : So here we are, don’t miss it, it’s time for an integration day to meet new people and enjoy 😉 Share food, languages and cultures from all over the world ! This year : All united colors topic !!! SO DRESS CODE :  YOUR FLAG COUNTRY IS YOUR CLOTHE COLOR 😉 Do it, as you can, no need ...

Socialize with internationals

International people from all over the world, expatriates, Au pairs, International student or Erasmus are welcome. The concept is to meet new people in a socializing Party in Paris. Most have a lot in common, starting with funny experience in Paris and going from there. Join us sometime for a drink, a concert, an expo or a picnic and tell us yours.   We organize a variety of events and activities for internationals weekly and our goal is to make you feel at home, meet others with similar experiences, exchange ideas and just have a lot of fun in a fun and relaxing setting. Socializus group has gained notoriety, we are 12 000 members! Thanks to increased popularity the group has welcomed many international who share the up-beat, open-minded and positive attitude .

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