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Socializus help you to meet your community!

You will love to join our party to socialize. That's new in Paris. The rules: Everybody have to interact with people from all over the world and talk about everything in a open-minded atmosphere. Bring your friends everyone's welcome, you can come alone and meet people here.

Socializus connect people and make « families »

We’re going to tell a story, the story of Michelle. Michelle is a Latin girl who pushed by her love to Paris, she decided to come to study art. She did not speak French and did not know anyone. Her first month she lived in a « huge » room of 14 meters in the 13eme arrondisement. After a few weeks Michelle felt alone and thought returned to her country where she has friends and where everybody speak her language. But something stopped her, she knew that there was a Latino community in Paris and also « had to » be a passionate community of art like her, but …. where? She joined to several groups on Facebook but did not have many results because the members shared interesting information but they were unwilling to meet her, no time. And...

Here are people of the world

Hi people of the world ! This website is a project since almost 4 years. We start slowly with small parties, them we do a meetup group who is now the most important in Paris, after this step was the time to build many facebook communities in order to find some good guys and girls for partying but most of all for socialising !!! here we are : ) You are one of us because you are open minded and this idea is the beginning of the project. A place where everybody could speak with everyone about everything. This project have been create to gather a group of internationals then most of all help each one of us to exchange and find their community in a friendly atmosphere. It could be a community of language or a community of country where you are from or what ever we ...

The biggest international picnic

Hi dear socializers HERE is THE BIGGEST WELCOME PICNIC for all internationals. On saturday, the 17th of September 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris. 1000 participants expected for a HUGE PICNIC. The biggest international picnic in Paris is awesome success since 3 years We need you to do it amazing and bigger … please invite your friends in facebook too here : So here we are, don’t miss it, it’s time for an integration day to meet new people and enjoy 😉 Share food, languages and cultures from all over the world ! This year : All united colors topic !!! SO DRESS CODE :  YOUR FLAG COUNTRY IS YOUR CLOTHE COLOR 😉 Do it, as you can, no need ...

Socialize with internationals

International people from all over the world, expatriates, Au pairs, International student or Erasmus are welcome. The concept is to meet new people in a socializing Party in Paris. Most have a lot in common, starting with funny experience in Paris and going from there. Join us sometime for a drink, a concert, an expo or a picnic and tell us yours.   We organize a variety of events and activities for internationals weekly and our goal is to make you feel at home, meet others with similar experiences, exchange ideas and just have a lot of fun in a fun and relaxing setting. Socializus group has gained notoriety, we are 12 000 members! Thanks to increased popularity the group has welcomed many international who share the up-beat, open-minded and positive attitude .

Build a dream team with Socializus

We create a special evening to help people to meet each other in Paris. The idea is to share its culture, learn languages and meet people from all over the world. Come alone or with a friend to socialise. Everything is planned for you to meet locals and international friends. ✅ Arriving at the bar, request your numbered badge with the flag of your native language or with the language that you would like to practice ✅ Search among the participants, who has the same number than you. It’s easy because everyone has a number, and it is very common that there are at least 2 persons with the same number that you. Also, everyone is stand up in a specific area in a friendly atmosphere. ✅ Give the bartender the two identical numbers for two free small drinks (shot). Take...

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