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International Halloween Champs Elysees

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Look our scary party last year! It was amazing! We can't wait to organize Halloween 2016! We hope you can join us this year to do the most awesome party of Paris

Last year was amazing with 450 attendees and it was full so ….
In order to celebrate the day of the dead (Mexican Holliday) and Halloween with all Erasmus, Au pair, Expat and internationals  … this year we are proud to do an amazing party again !!!

This time the party will be in an full halloween decorated apartment on ground floor next to champ elysees, the apartment has 2 floors and a basement. In the basement there will be a giant spider, a glowing ghost, 2 big rats waiting to scare you, and much more!!

The Party will happen in a very nice « home apartment looking venue » so there will be a nice friendly atmosphere and you will feel at home.

The place:

• Ground floor : Small entrance, kitchen and living room where we have installed some makeup stands where we can help each other.

That’s the 1st part of the Party the « zombie factory »

• Basement, that’s where the dancefloor will be, a big glowing ghost will be waiting for you there, a giant spider and some rats to scare you.

We will open the doors at 7pm for those who would like to help us with the decoration, there will be lots of decoration items to place around the room, so you get free entry until 8:30pm.

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  1. thanks you so much nice party & nice people !!!!


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