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Halloween in a manor at Paris

update : if there is no more ticket at the end of this page or if it’s full in the club, members of website get a priority for the entrance. According to the success of the party we strongly recommend to everybody to come early and also before 8 pm. It is the best to get all party advantage 🙂 Hello socializers 🙂 We are proud to build a manor in Paris. It will be AWESOME !!!  Last year was amazing with almost 500 attendees in a flat, so now we have decided to go beyond and we have created a manor inside a Paris club!! On this occasion, we spent 3,000€ in order to rent and transform one of the most famous clubs in Paris called « Palais Maillot ». In order to celebrate the beginning of you will get : ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ •★• FREE BUFFET •★• ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 300 people, it&...

The biggest international picnic in Paris is now a part of a Welcome Day & Night In Paris

THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL PICNIC IN PARIS IS NOW A PART OF A WELCOME DAY & NIGHT IN PARIS !!! ( 1000 attendees expected for a hugue PICNIC, A Flat Party in Champs Élysée followed by a night club party) Hi dear socializers On saturday, the 17th of September 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris 1000 attendees expected for a HUGE PICNIC. The biggest international picnic in Paris is THE MOST awesome success and free party since 4 years. Last years was here in Paris We need you to do it amazing and bigger … please invite your friends in facebook too here : So here we are, don’t miss it, it’s time for an integration day to meet new people and enjoy 😉 In order to celebrate the start of our website, we...

Festival CIUP

On saturday, the 21th of may 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris. 400 participants expected for a HUGE PICNIC. Share food, languages and cultures from all over the world ! This year : We do our event with Ciup Festival

Let’s be sportive with Socializus

We need sport and so just let do that 😉 The famous Bois de Boulogne with 2 lacs is a famous venue to enjoy an afternoon but we want to invite you for Here is some pics to let you see what’s about 😉 More info coming soon

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