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Socializus help you to meet your community!

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You will love to join our party to socialize. That's new in Paris. The rules: Everybody have to interact with people from all over the world and talk about everything in a open-minded atmosphere. Bring your friends everyone's welcome, you can come alone and meet people here. is a project with a clear purpose: to help people find and meet their community in Paris. And when we say community we refer to anything that might identify with a group of people: practicing the same sport, listening the same music, the same hometown and of course, the same language or the same nationality.

Sure, when you come to Paris you not know anyone with the same passions or hobbies than you, wondered on more than one occasion where you might find people who share something with you? The Socializus project was born to help you in this process, as we have done before creating dozens of events for the Latin or the Italian community and even for fans of board games.

The most important thing is not only help you to find your community but lead you to meet and create your little family in Paris. In Socializus we believe that communities are small families who can support each other to make a great big family. If you want to know the Socializus project, we invite you next Wednesday at 7:30 pm at St André Brasserie, 1 Rue Suger, 75006. Come to our special international event for expats, international students, fille-au-pair and more people in Paris that want to party and have a good time.


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