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Saturday – Apéro Métro (secret meeting point here)

APERO METRO After a long wait and a lot of you asking us when is the next metro party so many times we finally decided to organise one ! Let’s meet again for another crazy Apéro Metro Party! Bring some drinks and let’s have fun:) Meet us at 9pm and we will take the metro all together at 9:45pm. The journey lasts about one and a half hour, then we all go to a bar together 🙂 For the ones that never came, this is a very cool, fun and friendly international party that happens on the metro train with a DJ and music with an after party 🙂 1st we meet by a metro exit to pre-drink and socialise then we take the metro all together and party hard inside of it with lots of music and a great atmosphere. We have then a smoking break outside then all together head to the after party that is u...

Nuit blanche 2016

 Nuit Blanche 2016 Hi socializers, On saturday october 1st will be the most famous contemporain art exhibition in Paris !!! «  Nuit Blanche 2016  is a time when Paris at night time is transformed into a colossal fun fair, where everybody comes to discover weird and wonderful things that certain would tentatively call « modern art ». Well, this description of nuits blanches is pretty much accurate… 😉  It’s also a road map of 200 free activities     Though it is sometimes hard to understand the artists or what their works mean, we are sure that you will have a blast and bring back unforgettable memories! We wait you as attendees or as organisers to do it awesome !!! LET’S GO … ART CRAWL ALL NIGHT LONG !!! ALL TOGETHER IN A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE  Attendee : you just...

The biggest international picnic in Paris is now a part of a Welcome Day & Night In Paris

THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL PICNIC IN PARIS IS NOW A PART OF A WELCOME DAY & NIGHT IN PARIS !!! ( 1000 attendees expected for a hugue PICNIC, A Flat Party in Champs Élysée followed by a night club party) Hi dear socializers On saturday, the 17th of September 2016 , 1 PM in the most amazing place in Paris 1000 attendees expected for a HUGE PICNIC. The biggest international picnic in Paris is THE MOST awesome success and free party since 4 years. Last years was here in Paris We need you to do it amazing and bigger … please invite your friends in facebook too here : So here we are, don’t miss it, it’s time for an integration day to meet new people and enjoy 😉 In order to celebrate the start of our website, we...

Socialize with internationals

International people from all over the world, expatriates, Au pairs, International student or Erasmus are welcome. The concept is to meet new people in a socializing Party in Paris. Most have a lot in common, starting with funny experience in Paris and going from there. Join us sometime for a drink, a concert, an expo or a picnic and tell us yours.   We organize a variety of events and activities for internationals weekly and our goal is to make you feel at home, meet others with similar experiences, exchange ideas and just have a lot of fun in a fun and relaxing setting. Socializus group has gained notoriety, we are 12 000 members! Thanks to increased popularity the group has welcomed many international who share the up-beat, open-minded and positive attitude .

Fiesta colombiana con Socializus

Éste es un nuevo concepto de fiesta para conocer colombianos o gente nueva en Paris, mejorar tus idiomas y compartir las culturas de todo el mundo. Somos alrededor de 100 asistentes cada miércoles. Las chicas que compartan este evento en su muro de facebook, tendrán un mojito gratis* (*antes de las 8pm). Hispanoparlantes pueden pedir 40% de descuento si quieren cenar. Toda la noche hay bebidas menos caras para nosotros en la entrada 😉 Todo está planeado para que conozcas amigos internacionales y colombianos. ✅ Al llegar al bar, pide una insignia numerada con la bandera de tu lengua materna, español. Te ayuda a ver quién es colombiano o latino. ✅ Busca entre los participantes quién (es) tiene el mismo número que t&u...

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